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Hi I'm Max - CEO of Idpet

I am a fashion savvy pooch with a penchant for stylish collars. I was sick of losing my ID tags and hearing them rattle and scratching at them all the time - there had to be a better way.

So we (Mum and I) decided to create a personalised printed collar with all of my details included. You see, Mum started printing kid's personalised things a few years back for her business IdTee and I knew she would be up to the challenge. So as it goes this is how Idpet came about.

IdPet is the place where all cool dogs can get all their gear custom made specifically to their interests and personalities. Because let's face it we have a lot to bark about too!

One of the perks to being the CEO is I get to try out every product offered in our range. All products and designs have been personally approved for quality, comfort and style with my all-star paw tick. As you can imagine I now have many custom designed collars, my own personalised wardrobe (Pop Art being my favourite) and I just love my personalised reflective all season coat - so practical yet fashion forward! Even my bed has been made to suit. I (bark) hope you enjoy my new adventure with mum and we look forward to sharing our IdPet product range with you.

Oh yeah, and if you have any questions or need some help be sure can contact the humans via our contact us page.

Max is our family dog, some what spoilt and smothered in as much love as the human members of the family. He has a keen eye for style and his Golden Retriever girlfriend Elsie.