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Mico Bones- Kangaroo




The perfect size for puppies and training.

Made by Huds and Toke Little Chicken Bites is a pack of gourmet natural-based treats that have been specifically designed for use in pet training. They are made of puffed grains for a light and airy bite and contain tasty flavours such as real chicken and turmeric to keep your pet coming back for more. Perfect to use as an incentive during training, and for rewards during playtime. Some key features of Huds and Toke Little Chicken Bites are: No artificial preservatives. Low-in-fat natural ingredients that are safe for dogs and cats to eat. Highly palatable with a tasty tangy flavour. Delicious ingredients such as real chicken and turmeric that pets will love. Light and puffy bites that can be quickly and easily chewed. Made in Australia. 150gram bag. Ingredients: Kangaroo, Rice flour, Potato, Tapioca strach, glycol, canola oil, Potassium sorbate, natural colour

70 gram bag 20 long x 15cm wide

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 May, 2023.