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Lickimat Dog Wobble Feeder - Dog Boredom Buster




Make treat time longer and more fun with the Lickimat Wobble!

Textured pet treat bowl designed to help combat boredom and calm your dog to improve behaviour Wobbles around for fun movement to entice your pet and make it more challenging to reach treats Can be used as a slow-feeding treat or food mat to help prolong meal and treat times – prevents indigestion and choking Great to use as a medical-free way to help calm and soothe your pet during stressful times or when they’re bored at home by themselves Stimulates saliva production to better digestion/gut health and helps clean the tongue to improve dental and oral health Makes your dog’s sense of taste more pronounced due to repetitive licking Made from non-toxic and food-grade TPR and PET materials Safe for dishwasher use and can be placed in freezer for frozen treats

Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 cm What Am I Buying 1 x Lickimat Dog wobble Feeder turquoise

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 June, 2020.