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Dog Collar - iDPet x Bigi Nagala Art Series - Mura Friend

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  • By: Emily H.
    Originally I purchased a collar and lead for my puppy elsewhere. In under 24hrs my 10wk old puppy had it unclasped from her neck in my back yard. I returned the product and began researching alternatives. I found IDPet collars and leads and spoke to IDPet about what I was looking for. They were very informative and even helped me with a colour change on one of their designs. Over the last 4 days I’ve had my puppy at the beach running around in and out of the water, over rocks and rolling around in the wet sand, so much that she had half the beach in her fur, playing rough and tumble with her older dog brother and going for lots of little runs on her lead and her collar is still on her neck displaying her name and my home number. As a bonus I also purchased a round name tag and they did this to match my collar and lead. The red tartan pattern really pops on her black fur! The quality is great. Delivery is quick and I would highly recommend IDPet products.