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Dog ID Tags | Cat ID Tags

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Why Does Your Furry Sidekick Need a Pet ID Tag?

Did you know that one-third of pets are expert-level hide-and-seek players? Fear not! A Dog Tag or Cat Tag is your pet's VIP pass to being swiftly reunited with you.
Think of it as a budget-friendly superhero cape for your furball - even if your pet is microchipped (we're talking secret agent level), people sometimes forget to update their coordinates. A tag is like a GPS beacon, ensuring your pet's safe return without the need for a vet visit.
It's a breeze! Choose from our paw-some selection of tags, order online, and voila! Your tag is like a pet teleporter, dispatched faster than you can say "treat time," thanks to Aus Post.
And guess what? We're not keeping this joy to ourselves – we ship happiness worldwide! Because every pet, no matter where they are, deserves their very own piece of bling.

What can be printed on your Pet ID Tag?

Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Pet Tag Designs!

When it comes to showing your pet's personality, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Many pet parents opt for the classics, designer or luxury or sports designs – their furry friend's name, their own name, address, and phone numbers. The key is to ensure that whoever finds your pet can reach you in a jiffy.
Size matters! When deciding what to include, keep in mind that more text means smaller, tighter printing. For dainty dog or cat tags, go for the essentials – your or your pet's name and a contact number. IdPet tags are double-sided, offering room for visibility and creativity!
Bigger tags, more details! For those larger-than-life tags, go all out with your pet's name, your name, address, and additional contact numbers like your vet. It's like a personalized ID card for your furry BFF.

Consider these tag-tastic details:

Pet’s name, your name, address, contact phone number/s
Vet's location/number
Quirky message, e.g., "Call my Mum"
Remember, the tag's the thing that ensures a safe journey home, but keep in mind, the more text, the tighter it gets!

"But which tag is paw-sitively perfect for me?" With a variety of designs and materials like plastic, brass, enamel, titanium, and stainless steel, the choices are fur-real! Size matters too – metal tags are heavier, so petite pets might prefer the silencer option for more comfort.
Our lightweight coated aluminium tags are double-sided printed, giving you even more room to flaunt your pet's personality and info. And don't worry, our tags are tough cookies and last.
Whatever you decide, the quoted price includes the engraving, and we deliver tail-wagging joy straight to your doorstep!

Why should you choose ID tags from IdPet? Let us count the ways!

Tailored to Your Taste:
Explore our wide design range, ensuring you find the perfect tag to match your pet's unique personality. Classic, quirky, or somewhere in between – we've got it all.

We understand the urgency when your pet is lost. Order online, and we'll dispatch your tag the same day via Aus Post. Swift, secure, and hassle-free service is our commitment.

Global Pet Love:
We're not just local; we're global! We ship our happiness-inducing tags worldwide because every pet deserves a touch of IdPet magic.
IdPet combines great service with affordability. Your pet deserves the best, and we make sure it doesn't break the bank. All-Inclusive Pricing:
We stand by the quality of our products. If your dog or cat isn't satisfied, we'll make it right. Your happiness is our guarantee. Choose IdPet for tags that go beyond identification; they're a statement of love, style, and a promise to keep your pet safe. Every tag tells a tail – and at IdPet, it's one of joy, security, and style.