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How do I know which collar size I should choose?

Measure your dog's neck circumference with two fingers placed inside to allow for space between and then you will have your inner neck circumference.
Check which size collar fits within this size and that is the collar for you. For example a dog measurement may be 28cm then I add two fingers so it becomes 32 cm therefore a small collar will be suitable as it fits within the adjustable range of 31-41cms

How do I know which top or hoodie size I should choose?

We strongly suggest measuring your pet and then referring to our size specifications to choose the right size.
Typically you would measure from the base of your pet’s neck to the base of the tail to get the length. You would also measure the widest point of your pet’s chest ensuring you go all the way around to measure the chest circumference.
You should also measure the neck in the same way as you would for a collar. With these three measurements you can determine which size will be required by referring to our size guide here* to see the sizing chart for our top and hoddies.

What if my measurements are too big for any of your clothing range?

Don't worry we can custom order larger sized t shirts if your dog needs one.
Just let us know in the *other comments* section on your order or via email. Include your measurements and colour choice and we can make up a custom order specifically to suit.

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