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Face Mask - PM2.5 Replacement Filters

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10pc replacement filters for any of our reusable face masks. The filters can be used for both the large or the small masks from our site.

PM 2.5 filter means it filters particles over 2.5 microns (e.g pollen and most bacteria/viruses). The filters have 5 layers to help protect against smoke, dust, ash, haze, and other small particles: Non-woven fabric, Efficient Filter cloth, Activated carbon fibre, Efficient Filter cloth, Non-woven fabric.

Unlike the cloth masks, the filters can not be washed

Due to the protective nature of this item, we cannot accept exchanges or return.

How long can you use the filters?

The PM2.5 filters are disposable and not reusable. *Do not wash and dispose of after worn out recommended if used continuously for 16-24 hours then replace, or can be worn longer if not being used continuously. If at any time it becomes harder to draw a breath replace old filter with a new filter immediately.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 25 July, 2020.