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Dog fragrance detangler mist - Blueberry Bake scent




All the best parts of a blueberry, minus that the purple stain that you get from eating a pastry too quickly and you get blueberry your white shirt (that you thought was a good idea to wear to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time) and no matter how much you try to rub it off, you’re just making it worse.

Let’s face it, dogs can get pretty stinky between baths, which means cuddling with them sometimes means holding your breath. Don’t shy away from giving your precious pooch the love they deserve. Beat the stink with a spritz of Hound & Soul! Driven by the love we have for our own fur babies, we’ve developed a dog fragrance that caters to doting pup parents. Safe, easy to use, infused with natural detangling properties and delivering a refreshing scent with hints of lemon and orange sherbet, Hound & Soul battles smelly odours to have your puppy pal smelling their best.



WATER Base, solvent CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE Detangling, conditioning GLYCERIN Humectant, moisturising PHENOXYETHANOL Preservative PANTHENOL Vitamin B5 CHLORPHENESIN Preservative HORSETAIL EXTRACT Plant extract used to give shine and gloss SOY PROTEIN Hair protection, conditioning HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL Stabiliser PEA PROTEIN Hair protection, conditioning FRAGRANCE Aromatic oil

A highly nourishing blend of essential oils and a powerful vitamin B infusion, every spritz of the doggy mist lovingly conditions and cares for your pup’s coat. Committed to providing pet parents with products they can trust for the well-being of their four-legged family members, our signature dog perfume contains absolutely no harsh or harmful ingredients. It’s 100% vegan, paraben-free and silicone-free. Simply spray on fur to give it a freshness you’ll fall in love with

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 August, 2020.